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Unfortunately, boring training that doesn't produce measurable results, and has no lasting impact, is almost cliche'. 

In fact, the mere mention of training in most organizations has the employees moaning, groaning, and calling in sick, so they don't have to endure the agony of sitting through yet another training session. That’s why we don’t do just training (although we do offer training); we do “strategic work sessions.” The difference (between “training” and a “strategic work session”) is immediate and lasting, measurable results, that produce ongoing, sustainable growth & outcomes, and solves real problems your organization is facing.

Imagine having your employees literally come up and ask you to do more and more of these “strategic work sessions” for them, because they loved the initial experience, immediately applied what they learned, and were able to sustain the outcomes and results, long-term.

That's the reason top companies, and small to medium-sized businesses hire Influence Seminars to work with their people, provide ongoing support in implementation, and deliver a professional development, coaching and mentoring experience that their employees enjoy.

Whether you're developing your front-line employees, sales team, management team and/or executive team, you'll receive a consistent, exclusive experience, delivered by our founder and CEO, Duane Huff.

Every strategic work session, coaching and mentoring experience is designed and delivered by Duane to provide consistency, exclusivity, impact and ongoing sustainable results.

We guarantee that your employees will say this is the best professional development experience they've ever had, and that you'll see immediate, measurable improvements, and lasting impact.

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