How to Achieve Ongoing Sustainable Sales Growth After Sales Training

I’m not going to say that sales training is not important, because I definitely believe it is. It’s important to preparing news sales professionals, updating the skills of sales veterans, and getting your entire same sales team on the same page, speaking a common language. In fact, I owe a great deal of my professional success to the sales training I received from a small pharmaceutical company out of Madison, Mississippi. However . . .

“Sales training, in and of itself, if never enough.”

Here’s why . . .

For one, getting sales training to take, with a group of veterans who believe they’ve heard and seen it all before, can be a significant challenge. They push back and resist the very thought of having to endure such “training.” This is why it is imperative that you seek out learning and development professional who can truly inspire your team to want to learn, and that you completely avoid sales “training” altogether.

A strategic work session, seminar or intensive designed to help you achieve your specific, unique objectives, that is aligned with your own KPI’s is the only way to get lasting change, measurable results, and ongoing sustainable sales growth. In a nutshell . . .

“Sales training, in the traditional since, is dead.”

Secondly, traditional sales training, as we’ve come to know it, no matter how well designed it is, fails to deliver a holistic approach to true influence. It aims solely to achieve two narrow objectives:

1)   Make a sale

2)   Set yourself up to make additional sales

While these are important objectives for driving revenue and growing your business, it doesn’t prepare your sales professionals with the insights, skills or wisdom to truly add aligned value to the customer. Without adding value that is actually aligned to what the customer already values, ongoing sustainable sales growth cannot be achieved.

Finally, to insure ongoing sustainable sales growth within your organization, you must equip your sales professionals with the insights, strategies and best practices, proven to influence customer outcomes in today’s business environment. This requires nothing less than an immersion, for the purpose of mastery, into the key disciplines of influence such as leadership, communication and negotiation.

When you can incorporate all aspects of influence into a comprehensive professional development initiative, your chances of achieving your long-term sales goals are increased exponentially.