Use Your Damn Blinker! (But only if you want to win more business.)

Okay, we've all been there and it absolutely drives us bat shit crazy! I'm speaking of those times when we've been behind a driver that forgets, gets distracted, doesn't care to, or flat out refuses to use their blinker.

But why do we even care? We care because it precludes us from making the best possible decision we could make in the moment. Think about it, if the driver in front of you slows down without signaling, you have no idea of knowing why he's slowing down, if you should slow down or pass, or what comes next so you know how to properly navigate the traffic around you. 

Bottom line: It's downright inconsiderate!

Now, imagine how your customer feels when you don't signal or, to make it a little more relevant, when you don't communicate with them effectively.

Conflict, frustration and complete radio silence can emerge when your customers don't feel like you're hearing them or, they don't fully understand you. But if you get this signaling (communication) thing right, it could be directly responsible for you winning more business for your efforts.

There are two simple things you can do to make sure you're signaling properly, and that your customers feel like the dialog and communication are wide open at all times - allowing you to build trust, strengthen relationships, and win more business:

1. Ask

2. Tell

That's it! Sounds simple, right? I know, it seems too simple, but it's the absolute truth! In this short video, I share what two American psychologists discovered more than sixty years ago that can help you communicate with more influence and impact starting the minute you finish this short clip.

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Article by R. Duane Huff