Product Knowledge and Sales Training are NOT Enough to Sustain Sales Growth

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Obviously product knowledge and sales training are imperative to success in sales. After 21 years in sales, I would never argue that they weren't.

But when we consider that . . .

  • Statistically speaking, an average of 47% of sales people fail to make quota each month, and
  • On average, 90% of the company's training budget is spent on product knowledge training, and only 10% is spent on some form of sales training,

there's obviously something missing. There's a gap.

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Some would justify that an increase and decrease in sales, occasionally or seasonally, constitutes a normal cycle that the business or industry naturally goes through. "It's the nature of our business." At least that's the conversations many Sales VP's have with their CEO's when the numbers are down.

After working for more than 15 sales organizations during my sales career, and with more than 100 companies, across many industries, since starting my company, I would argue that this "cycle" shouldn't be the norm, acceptable, or even a necessary occurrence in any sales organization.

The reality is that this gap between product knowledge, sales training, and the achievement of ongoing, sustainable sales growth can be bridged, intentionally, with the right playbook on the part of the sales leadership, and the proper education of the salespeople, beyond product knowledge and sales training.

The bottom line is, in addition to product knowledge and sales training, salespeople also need to be equipped with right type and amount of . . .

  • Communication and Listening Skills
  • Advanced Questioning Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Leadership (yes, leadership) Skills
  • Business Writing Skills

Over the past 8 years, small, medium and large companies like Abbot Laboratories, SAP, Baker Hughes, Verizon Wireless, Merrill Lynch, DELL and others have hired me to come in and teach their sales professionals these disciplines separately.

When they have, they've spent a small fortune to get the results and outcomes they desired. And though I love making more money each time they want to bring me in to teach each of these skills separately, one day it dawned on me . . .

"Why not take the very best practices, content, principles and concepts from each of these courses, and create one comprehensive solution that would help my clients achieve their desired outcomes, without having to destroy their training budget?"

I call it Comprehensive Sales Influence, and you can sample it for free through a complimentary video training course I created to help you/your sales team get measurable results, without having to make an investment.

You can access the first video in this complimentary course (without an email) by clicking here. If you enjoy the first video, and would like access to the second and third, simply request them by entering your name and email underneath the first video.

Don't have time to watch it now? No worries. I'll send it to your inbox and you can watch it at your convenience. Just tell me where to send the videos.

If you'd prefer a quick overview of the course description, you can get it here.

Obviously, if you like the complimentary course, and are able to get a measurable result from the content I share, I'd ask you to consider bringing me in to do the full live training with your team.

However, if all you do is watch and benefit from the free training, I will have done my job.

Go ahead and jump into the first video here. I can't wait to hear about the success and victories you/your sales team have as a result of apply what you/they learn.