How to Influence Your Customers Through Connection

In this video, Duane shares how to be more influential with your customers by the way you connect with them. You'll learn: 

  1. How different people connect
  2. Where they connect
  3. The most important thing you can do once you've connected with someone

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How to Increase Your Sales Influence by Positioning Yourself as a Trusted Advisor

In this video, Duane shares how you can instantly increase your sales influence by positioning yourself as a trusted advisor to your customers and prospects, and why it's so important that you do so. In this short, content rich video, you'll learn:

1. What you need to let go of and set aside to be seen as a trusted advisor.

2. The most powerful question you can and should ask your customers.

3. What you really should do when the customer wants to drive the conversation.

4. The one thing you can do consistently that will have your customers sending endless referrals to you without you having to ask.

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The Missing Link to Ongoing Sustainable Sales Growth

Statistically, across industries, employers spend approximately 90% of their efforts training their sales team on product knowledge. The remaining 10% is spent training their sales force how to develop connection, relationship and trust with customers. 

Obviously, both are very important but in and of themselves, or even collectively, these disciplines are not enough to achieve the ultimate goal of any sales organization - ongoing, sustainable sales growth.

So what's the missing link? What does it take to get sales people off of the sales rollercoaster, and on to a consistent growth pattern that continues?

While more emphasis on sales training (i.e., connection, relationship and trust) would definitely improve results short term, the only true long-term solution is in developing and increasing the sales professionals ability to influence customers and outcomes.

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If You Must "Close," Do this First!

On one level, I realize that in order to do business, you have to ask for the business. However, if you've read any of my previous posts, you probably know that I am not fond of the concept of "closing." 

That's because I believe "closing" is unnecessary, in the traditional sense. In fact, I believe that if you have to close, you don't know how to sell. 

That being said, if you feel compelled to gain commitment from a customer after having a discussion, the following will help you to set that "close" up in a manner that is a natural flow an easy decision for your customer.

Simply put, here it is…

After you've done an extensive job in your sales process, and you're getting to the point of offering a logical, viable solution based on the customers needs and
intended outcomes, asked the following question before you ask a closing question:

"Mr. customer, how do you see this helping you achieve your outcomes?"

What this does is give the customer the opportunity to restate, and reconfirm in his own mind what it is he has partnered with you to build and develop. That way he doesn't feel like he's being sold, he feels like he's just taking the next natural step in the buying process.

Once he has verbally affirmed and confirmed his specific assessment of the value you're adding, it will be a lot easier to ask him to finalize the business, or at
least take the next in the process.

If you ever find yourself encountering objections, resistance and hesitation
whenever you ask a closing question, back up and ask this value question before
the closing question. Watch your results skyrocket!

LET ME ASK YOU THIS? How do you naturally and authentically ask for the business?

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How to Design an Influential Presentation in a Pinch

Whether your boss asks you to deliver a fifteen minute summary of your findings to the Board of Directors on just five minutes from now, or you're preparing to deliver the opening keynote at an annual conference and have 3 months to prepare, this video is for you!

This simple formula will have you look like a hero in one-on-one presentations as well as large venue events.

If you'd like a deeper dive into this structure, watch this video.

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