Why do educators hate PD?


7 Reasons Why Teachers Hate Professional Development

1. They think the subject matter is irrelevant, abstract and frankly boring.

2. There's a catch; when I find something that's applicable to my teaching, I invariably have to purchase/order something in order to have effective implementation.

3. Too Much Preparatory Work; I don't have enough time to write lesson plans, as it is!

4. They hate it when their time is wasted.

5. They hate it when PD doesn’t have immediate impact in the classroom.

6. They hate it when their learning isn’t relevant.

7.They hate it when they don’t have options.


As the person responsible for sheduling PD for the faculty and staff at your school, I’m sure you could list many more reasons - complaints you’ve heard time and again.

What if PD didn’t have to be any of those negative things, but could actually be relevant, productive, fun, engaging, practical and immediately actionable for yor teachers and staff?

What if the educators at your school enjoyed their professional development inservices so much, that they actually asked you when the next session would be, they immediately applied what they learned, and the entire culture at your school made a posotive shift, as a direct result of the profossesional development experience they received?

That’s what makes our professional development inservices unique, different, and quite frenkly . . . just better.

Duane Huff , Founder & CEO | Influence Seminars International speaker, trainer and facilitator

Duane Huff, Founder & CEO | Influence Seminars International speaker, trainer and facilitator

What makes our “PD” so good?

  1. We focus on the people dynamic of your school culture, from the administration to the educators and staff, to the student culture. We do this by focusing on:

    • building a team amongst the administration, faculty, and staff,

    • improving communication throughout the school,

    • instilling the importance and power of leadership to improve the overall culture, and

    • giving everyone present a better awareness and deeper understanding of people, and what makes them do what they do.

  2. All of our sessions are delivered by our founder and CEO, international speaker and trainer, Duane Huff. Duane’s fun, entertaining, engaging, practical and passionate delivery style drawns participants in and get them immediately invested in the learning experience.



While Duane is at your school for your PD inservice, have him stay a while and do something for your students! Since 2006, Duane has traveled the United States and Canada speaking to and training student leaders to be servant leaders, so they can help you improve the culture and community of the entire school.

100% Money Back Guarantee

In fact, we’re so consifent in these programs that we’ll put our money where our mouth is and fully guarantee the PD experience we deliver. If you’re not completely satisfied, and your teachers aren’t raving about the experience, we’ll give you a complete refund of your investment.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your goals and desired outcomes for your next PD inservice. If we can assist you, we’ll make some recommendations. There is absolutely no obligation to work with us. If nothing else, you’ll walk away from the consultation with a plan you can impement on your own. Complete the form below to request your free consultation. We’ll reach out to schedule once we receive your submission.

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