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You can attend every negotiation skills training seminar available, and read every negotiations book on the planet, but until you learn how to increase your overall influence with the people, you will always be leaving money, options and opportunity on the table.

The biggest challenge is that you have to build trust and relationship first, relatively quickly, in order to be able to influence people and negotiate outcomes effectively.

My Negotiating with Influence™ program is unique, and delivers a better return on your investment than any other negotiation skills program on the market.

Not only do I synthesize, for you, the best practices, principles and strategies, from the world’s leading minds in the wolrd of negotiating, but I also give you the essential principles, skills and insights of influence, you need to master the art of negotiating, all in one training, workshop or seminar.

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Duane Huff is the founder of Influence Seminars, and a 23 year sales veteran. Since leaving his formal sales career in pharmaceutical sales, in 2008, to start his company, Duane has served some of the nations top companies, medium-sized enterprises and small businesses.

They consistently rely on his expertise and unique perspective to guide their executives, missle managers and sales team to making the best decisions in all of their internal and external negotiations.

When you work with Duane, you get an engaging, interactive training and coaching experience like no other. Your employess will love it, and you see measureable results both immediately and long-term.

Bring your toughest negotioations challenge to Duane’s training and he will help you find the the solution and the best outcome for all parties involved. Guaranteed, or your money back!

To hire Duane for a keynote, training, consulting or coaching, call (225) 384-0693


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