Negotiating Win-Win (2 days) - Have you ever walked away from a negotiation feeling like you didn't get what you expected or needed to get? The thing is, negotiations don't just happen in a boardroom, around million dollar contracts, when the stakes are really high. They happen all day, every day, over something as simple as request for time off to an agreed upon bedtime with your child. Is it possible to get what you need from the negotiations you find yourself in, and strengthen the relationship in the process, by helping the other party get what they came to get? It is not only possible, it is our duty to do so once we understand the principles that help foster a win-win outcome. When you attend this 2 day event, you will learn:

  • How you currently approach negotiating, in no uncertain terms.
  • How to understand your negotiation style, and that of those with whom you negotiate.
  • How to negotiate a win-win, even if the other party is thinking win-lose.
  • What you need to prepare and anticipate before you negotiate.
  • Have a plan A, plan B and plan C.
  • How to add value to the other party and why that helps facilitate win-win.
  • How to handle manipulative tactics that are used against you.
  • A framework for navigating any negotiation, large or small, high stakes or everyday give and take.