Presentation Skills (2 days) - "Um . . . uh . . . you know . . . what was I going to say?" Have you ever squirmed uncomfortably in your seat as you watched a vendor, colleague, manager or good friend struggle with these common presentation pitfalls? Have you ever struggled with some of these yourself? If you have you know, all to well, how painful it can be to stand up in front of an audience, large or small, and deliver a speech or presentation. After attending this workshop, neither you nor your people will have to endure the discomfort of delivering a presentation ever again. In this two-day event, participants will:

  • Learn best practices for delivering a professional presentation to their customers, supervisor, colleagues, upper management and evn a room full of people at a conference.
  • Get 8-10 opportunities to deliver a presentation to the rest of the participants in the class.
  • Get real time feedback for the instructor.
  • Get a video recording or their presentation that will demonstrate marked improvement and skill development over the 2 days.
  • How to do their homework, research and ask good questions to learn what they really need to know about each customer.
  • How to effectively connect, build relationship with and earn the trust of each and every customer intentionally.
  • How to intelligently align with he customers buying process.
  • How to partner with the customer in the solution creation process so they want to buy. "People support what they create."
  • How to win more business without having to use pressure tactics or sleazy closing techniques.