Selling Skills (2 days) - "If you have to close, you don't know how to sell! "- Frank Rumbauskas - It's so true . . . if you have to use a "closing" technique to get your customer to sign on the dotted line, you simply don't understand this fundamental principle of human behavior: "No one likes to be sold, but everybody likes to buy s#%!" Duane absolutely abhors traditional sales training because, by it's very nature, turns otherwise great people into "transactional, robotic selling donkeys!" With more than twenty five years of successful, documented sales experience, Duane has honed, refined and perfected his refreshing approach to "helping people buy." Your sales professionals will thank you, and your revenue will soar when they attend this seminar with Duane. It truly is the best investment you can make in your business. Your sales people will get the opportunity to practice the skills they learn, in real time role play scenarios, several times throughout the two days. Specifically, Duane will teach your sales professionals:

  • How to do their homework, research and ask good questions to learn what they really need to know about each customer.
  • How to effectively connect, build relationship with and earn the trust of each and every customer intentionally.
  • How to intelligently align with he customers buying process.
  • How to partner with the customer in the solution creation process so they want to buy. "People support what they create."
  • How to win more business without having to use pressure tactics or sleazy closing techniques.